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The Spring Hatch has Begun! Contact SmartGreen Today!

Hey Atlanta, it is that time of the year again when the bees and wasps begin flying around your home. This has always been a great indicator of the spring hatch. 

The ants, spiders and other pests common to Georgia are soon to follow. There are many things we can do as homeowners to help prevent these unwanted guests in our home and prevent an infestation.

All pests need 3 things to survive. Can you name the 3? That is correct! All pests need food, water and shelter to survive. Eliminating any of these 3 conducive 
conditions from the micro-ecosystem surrounding your home will help reduce the amount of pests AND materials used in and around your home.

At SmartGreen, every new customer receives a FREE Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Evaluation.This is part of our commitment to protect the health, property and
environment of our customers. Following the guidelines of our IPM Evaluation below will help eliminate conducive conditions for pests

1.) Are gutters free from debris? Gutters make a great habitat for wood destroying pests, such as carpenter ants and beetles. Also, mosquito's love standing water caused by plugged gutters.

2.) Are windows and doors closed? Are there screens on the windows? Open doors and windows make for easy entry into the home especially for occasional invaders such as lady bugs, kudzu bugs, boxelder bugs and stink bugs. Don't forget to keep the garage door closed, as well.

3.) Is vegetation touching the exterior of home? Tree branches and shrubbery are "highways" into the home. The insects can avoid your pest control treatment and rodents will use them to gain access to the home including the roof.

4.) Are there entry points into your home? Gaps in your windows and exterior plumbing and utility penetrations make for easy entry into your home. Caulking or meshing are an easy fix to prevent unwanted guests.

5.) Is there firewood or other clutter around your home? Wood or other "stuff" against the home creates a great harborage area for ants, scorpions, cockroaches and other pests. Make sure items including wood are away from the home. If a limited amount of space is an issue, please make sure the items are pulled out at least a foot from the foundation.

6.) Is there standing water near home? Mosquito's can complete their "life-cycle" (From egg to biting adult) within 7 days. Please turn over toys or any other items which
can hold water. Drill a couple of holes into the bottom of french drains and tire swings.

7.) Is there bright exterior light around your home especially near doors and windows? Bright light attracts all types of flying insects which will enter your home through 
doors and windows. We recommend the use of yellow or tinted lights. Also, keep curtains or other types of covering on your windows.