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"It's been three weeks since I had
 SmartGreen spray my yard for bugs...
it has been the best 3 weeks of the 
summer. I can go out in my yard and
not get eaten alive 
from mosquitos. 
I am enjoying my yard more and
more thanks to SmartGreen. If you've
pests, give SmartGreen a call."
Thanks, Caryn P

The SmartGreenWay
It is our belief that, all Americans care about the environment. Who wouldn’t want to reduce the amount of more toxic materials in and around their home without compromising the effectiveness of your pest control? The cornerstone of our pest control philosophy is to be good stewards of our customer’s environment as well as the environment we all share. We accomplish this by greening our company’s operation, using reduced impact but proven products, methods and services, and acting responsibly toward the environment. Our competition is composed of companies that use less expensive, more toxic chemicals. The mentality of “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” controls the Atlanta pest control business community.             

SmartGreen believes in a PROVEN, FORWARD-THINKING philosophy, changing pest control in Atlanta for the better. First and foremost, we designed a program that meets the needs of our customers. Upon a customer’s first service, SmartGreen will provide an Integrated Pest Management (“IPM”) evaluation. This evaluation will recommend actions the customer can take to help limit insect activity in and around the home. In addition, we will perform a “triple” layer of protection around the home. Although there are times when interior service may be necessary, the exterior of the home is the main “interception” site for insects. Also, because we believe in the minimal disruption of our customers’ life, our service is “exterior always, interior upon request”. Bottom line- A reduced amount of less toxic materials in and around the home, combined with “IPM” strategies, results in less exposure for you, your loved ones and pets. In addition, we guarantee against all of the most common pests here in Georgia: ants, roaches, spiders, etc.

SmartGreens’ Contribution to a Greener World

  • While our competitors drive trucks and vans as their service vehicles, we use smaller more fuel efficient vehicles to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.
  • Our routing strategy maximizes the efficiency of our pest professionals which also reduces fuel consumption and emissions.
  • We use recycled paper products.
  • We use commercial car washes for all of our vehicles because they use far less water.
  • We offer customer discounts for auto-billing and paying online. This saves envelopes, checks and postage.

Claims by other “Green Companies”- Be very, very wary of any company that claims to be safe, organic, chemical free or “all natural”. These companies are either not genuine in their claims (even water is a chemical) or will not be in business for very long. Quite frankly, lemon peels are not going to get rid of your ants but SmartGreen will!


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