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"It's been three weeks since I had
 SmartGreen spray my yard for bugs...
it has been the best 3 weeks of the 
summer. I can go out in my yard and
not get eaten alive 
from mosquitos. 
I am enjoying my yard more and
more thanks to SmartGreen. If you've
pests, give SmartGreen a call."
Thanks, Caryn P

List of Pests


American cockroach Argentine ant Bed bug
Black Widow Boxelder bug Brown Recluse
Brown-banded Cockroach Carpenter ant Carpet Beetle
Drain Fly Drugstore beetle Earwig
Fire ant Flea Fruit fly
German Cockroach House_centipede Indian Meal Moth
Ladybug Millipede Mosquito
Oriental Cockroach Phorid Fly Silverfish
Springtail Stinkbug Striped Scorpion
Termites Tick Wolf Spider

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