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"It's been three weeks since I had
 SmartGreen spray my yard for bugs...
it has been the best 3 weeks of the 
summer. I can go out in my yard and
not get eaten alive 
from mosquitos. 
I am enjoying my yard more and
more thanks to SmartGreen. If you've
pests, give SmartGreen a call."
Thanks, Caryn P


Great news! SmartGreen offers a yard service for ants,
fleas, ticks, 

Better news! SmartGreen uses reduced risk materials which are just  as effective but less toxic than our competitors.

 Our most popular yard service is for the reduction of Red Imported Fire Ants.              

Red Imported Fire Ants are a harmful pest, to say the least. Most Fire Ants are found in the 

Sothern United States. Fire Ants are very adaptable and can be very harmful to you, loved ones, 

including pets and your lawn. Fire Ants love to colonize in turf areas. If you disturb a Fire Ant 

 mound, Fire Ants will quickly mobilize and sting in mass.

SmartGreen offers two types of yard services:

- We offer a quarterly service which we typically perform along with your quarterly pest control service.
- We also offer a one-time service. 



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