Fleas Hate Us, You'll Love Us!

Fleas Hate Us, You'll Love Us!

Let SmartGreen Pest Control protect your from fleas in Kennesaw, GA and surrounding areas such as Marietta, Atlanta, and Woodstock, GA

Great news! SmartGreen offers a guaranteed flea control program. Better news! SmartGreen uses reduced risk materials to rid your home of fleas, exterminating these pests with methods that are just as effective but less toxic than our competitors. We know too well how horrible a flea infestation can be.

Due to the life cycle of a flea which is called "Complete Metamorphosis" fleas are extremely difficult for a Homeowner to control. It is not enough to kill the adult fleas, you must also contend with the egg, larvae and pupae.A SmartGreen professional will perform a thorough inspection which includes interviewing the customer to get a better understanding of the customer's issues and concerns. After completing the inspection and interview process, SmartGreen will determine the best approach for eliminating these pests.

Call 404-937-7088 today schedule today with SmartGreen Pest Control for your Flea Control services.

Flea Control in Woodstock, GA and surrounding areas including Atlanta and Kennesaw

Reasons to choose SmartGreen Pest Control for Flea Control Services.

  1. We offer a 30 day guaranteed interior service.
  2. We offer a one-time interior service.
  3. We also offer an exterior service which can be combined with interior