Termite Control in  Woodstock, GA and surrounding areas including Atlanta and Kennesaw

Woodn't You Like To Rid those Termites?

SmartGreen believes in a PROVEN, FORWARD-THINKING philosophy, changing pest control in Kennesaw & Woodstock, GA

First and foremost, we designed a program that meets the needs of our customers. Upon a customer's first service, SmartGreen will provide an Integrated Pest Management ("IPM") evaluation. This evaluation will recommend actions the customer can take to help limit insect activity in and around the home. In addition, we will perform a "triple" layer of protection around the home.

Pest Control - Family Friendly ✔ Pet Friendly ✔ Budget Friendly ✔

Although there are times when interior service may be necessary, the exterior of the home is the main “interception” site for insects. Also, because we believe in the minimal disruption of our customers’ life, our service is “exterior always, interior upon request”.

Bottom line- A reduced amount of less toxic materials in and around the home, combined with “IPM” strategies, results in less exposure for you, your loved ones and pets. In addition, we guarantee against all of the most common pests here in Georgia: ants, roaches, spiders, etc.

*SmartGreen offers additional services at discounted rates for pest control customers, these services include: Mosquito Control, Termite Control, Flea and Tick Control, Pantry Pests Programs and Yard Applications.*