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"It's been three weeks since I had
 SmartGreen spray my yard for bugs...
it has been the best 3 weeks of the 
summer. I can go out in my yard and
not get eaten alive 
from mosquitos. 
I am enjoying my yard more and
more thanks to SmartGreen. If you've
pests, give SmartGreen a call."
Thanks, Caryn P

Welcome to SmartGreen Pest Control

Based in Kennesaw, GA and is Atlanta's #1 choice in eco-friendly pest control!

SmartGreen Pest Control believes in a proven and forward thinking philosophy, changing pest control in the greater Atlanta area for the better. Our proven comprehensive approach will help protect your health, property, environment, and loved ones including your pets!  With years of experience in residential pest control and extermination we are dedicated to eliminating and preventing pest infestations in your home and property.  Our services including eliminating the most common and even uncommon pest types including:

  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Mosquitos
  • Roaches
  • Ants
  • And more!

You can hire a different company which uses cheaper, more toxic materials delivered with inferior customer service OR YOU CAN CONTACT SMARTGREEN TODAY!

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We Kill Mosquitoes, Dead! Mosquito Season Begins March 1st. Call SmartGreen Today for a FREE Mosquito Service Quote. 

Early Bird "Spring Special" Sign Up Now and Receive $25.00 OFF your 1st Mosquito Service. Offer expires March 31. (seasonal agreement required, cannot be combined with any other offer).


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